Rocket Smocket

Forget the Rocket: Astros rotation flying high
Hey. Next time some breathless, overcaffeinated reporter is giving you the latest update from America Held Hostage by Roger, Day 87, take a deep breath yourself and drop in these numbers…

Forget The Rocket



  1. Lisa

    Hi Missy,

    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere… We have a nice little Astros community going on here–small but faithful 🙂 Glad you’re here.

    I must respectfully disagree on this point, however. I will never forget The Rocket. Actually reading the words Rocket Smocket makes me cringe, due to the unlikely event that he could glimpse them somehow. As the last few games have unfortunately shown, we NEED Rocket. As much as I absolutely hands-down love and respect the ability of our youngsters, they’ve never done this before. They are still learning. Our currently shaky bullpen could only be strengthened by putting Nieve back in there as a long reliever. I say to Drayton: PAY HIM WHATEVER HE ASKS AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT.

    Hope you’re able to see the kid pitch tonight. Here’s hoping he can stop the bleeding. No pressure, Taylor. Bless his heart.


  2. Thomas

    Yea.. I agree with Lisa(for the most part). Although it pisses me off that Roger is holding us hostage.. we need him and should pay him whatever he wants(up to a point). I’d go as high as 22-24 million pro rated on him.. if he asks for more than that, good riddance.

  3. Missy

    I’m not trying to get into a huge debate about Roger Clemens. This blog is a tribute to Taylor Buchholz and I was just adding links to some positive press opinions about Taylor and the rest of the crew. “Rocket Smocket” was just tongue in cheek comment…

    For the record though, I could care less if he came back. He certainly would add something, but we don’t need him, even if it means no series this year. The boys are going to be all right.

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