Thursday`s hottest starting pitchers

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Thursday`s hottest starting pitchers


SportsJustice: On the Astros: return of the pitching (and Jason Lane

Speaking of Ausmus, he summoned me to his locker after a recent game. All right, I hang around there a lot anyway hoping Bagwell will show up so I’ll have someone to talk to.
This was after Taylor Buchholz had gotten crushed in a game.

“Listen,” he said, “why don’t you write that this kid is going to be fine? Anyone can crush him right now. Go look up how John Smoltz and Tom Glavine did early in their careers. There’s no reason Taylor won’t win a lot of games in the big leagues.”

Link: SportsJustice: On the Astros: return of the pitching (and Jason Lane.

Rocket Smocket

Forget the Rocket: Astros rotation flying high
Hey. Next time some breathless, overcaffeinated reporter is giving you the latest update from America Held Hostage by Roger, Day 87, take a deep breath yourself and drop in these numbers…

Forget The Rocket